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Apr 17, 2024 4:38:00 PM

Forbes: ‘Enormous gap’: 40% of business decisions are bad – but it can be fixed

Johann Ponnampalam, PhD, interviewed by Forbes on the state of decision-making in corporate Australia


A new white paper released by behaviour change experts Decision Design has found just 60% of decisions made in businesses are ‘good’, meaning businesses are leaving 40% growth on the table.

Decision Design surveyed more than 1000 decision makers at Australian businesses, and found decision-making was central to what organisations do, and the better the decision, the better the outcome.

“This research has found that our hit rate of decision-making was only 60%,” Dr Johann Ponnampalam, founder of Decision Design, says. “So, when you factor that this is something that’s extremely important, and it has a failure rate of 40% and it lacks the commensurate focus and investment, it’s really ironic.”

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About Decision Design White paper  

To gain a deeper, behavioural science-led understanding of how Australian organisations prioritise, perform on and can improve decision quality, Decision Design conducted an anonymous, nationally representative market study among n=1,182 professional decision-makers. Data was collected between 15 January and 1 February 2024 using an unbranded, online measurement questionnaire. Study respondents needed to work full-time or part-time to qualify and the sample included a mix of sole traders and professional decision-makers from small (<20 employees), medium (20-199 employees) and large (200+ employees) organisations.  View the findings at