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of Customer Behaviour

A behaviour change course

Are you confident you know why your customers behave the way they behave and how they make their decisions? 

The Foundations of Customer Behaviour, is designed to ground you in the fundamental ways human beings process information, how they form judgements and ultimately, how they make their decisions. In other words, disavowing notions of how we think or wish humans behave, and unveiling how they actually behave — subconsciously, emotionally, and crucially, irrationally. 

In this course,

  • we introduce you to behavioural science
  • its relevance to your day-to-day
  • dive into some fundamentals of human - your customers – behaviour
  • arm you with key tools you need to solve these behaviours.

Created by Decision Design, a leading commercial behaviour change team, this course is designed to get you actively using your tools from the moment you start, increasing your commercial effectiveness. 

Corporate group options also available. 

Course features

A behaviour change course, designed to equip you the skills you need to be effective with your customers

DD-Icon_Outcomes-Pink 100% online and on-demand Expand your knowledge at a pace that works for you with the purpose-built online content.  
DD-Icon_Audience-Pink Immediately applicable to your work

Designed for tangible, practical application, build skills you can use right now. 

DD-Icon-_BehaviourScience-White copy (1) Proven commercial behavioural science

Designed and delivered by commercial behavioural scientists and industry experts with over 20 years experience proving it works.

DD-Icon_Tick-Pink Purpose-built content for online

5 modules of purpose-built engaging content – no boring Zoom lecture recordings.  

Course details

Foundations of Customer Behaviour

Maximum flexibility

100% online and on-demand. Move through at your own pace. 

Start date

Available now - start at a time that suits you.


AUD $895+ GST
Contact us if you have a group of 10 or more for group pricing and content adaption to your specific context. 

What will I learn?

Foundational understanding of human behaviour, taught by behavioural scientists, immediately applicable to your work

Over 5 sessions, we introduce commercial behaviour science and its relevance to you. We then explore the fundamentals of human behaviour and arm you with behavioural tools that you can use immediately. 

DD-Illustration_Unlock Relevance of behavioural science to you

Learn why behaviour change science is directly relevant to your work, and how growing your understanding of human behaviour will directly translate into increased effectiveness and impact. 

DD_illustration_idea_sml Fundamentals in human behaviour

Dive into 4x fundamentals of human behaviour that are driving how your customers process information, make judgements and ultimately make decisions.

DD-Illustration-MasterPlan_Arrows_sml Practical tools

Get 3x behavioural tools you can apply - right now - to your work. Actionable, practical tools that will have an immediate impact. You'll be more effective - immediately.

Who is this course for?

If you work directly, or indirectly, with customers, then this course is essential for you

DD-Illustration_Up Commercial decision makers and future leaders

Executive-level leaders responsible for high-level commercial decisions and up-and-coming leaders who are or will be on the hook for delivering commercial decisions.

DD-Illustration-MasterPlan_Slider Marketing, comms, sales, customer services, CX/UX, human resources

Individuals and teams who engage with, directly and indirectly, customers and clients, whether they are external or internal.

DD-Illustration-MasterPlan_Puzzle 2 Directors, heads, senior managers, leads, strategists Leaders responsible for business units or functions; accountable for driving change in the business which results in customer impact.  

Many clients are speaking to us about enrolling corporate groups of 40+ - marketing, communication, design - to uplift their entire in-house capability in behavioural science. Lock in your team now and gain a competitive advantage.

Who designed the course

World-leading behaviour change team

Decision Design has pioneered the use of behavioural science in commercial environments, translating masters/PhD science into commercial outcomes. For you, this means your course is designed by a unique specialist team of experts spanning cognitive, neuro, social, psychological and marketing science, with over 25+ years of proving the science supercharges customer, commercial and social results for ASX 20 / Fortune 100s. This IP is unique to Decision Design as the world's leading commercial behaviour change consultancy. 

Your course experts

Designed and delivered by leading commercial behaviour change experts

Johann Ponnampalam PhD Co-founderFounded Decision Design with the principal aim of translating hard science into practical, commercially implementable interventions to create business impact. Johann is considered a global thought leader in commercial behavioural science, is an active advisor to c-suite leadership teams and has specific interest in the quality of commercial decision-making, and its direct impact on business bottom line.
Johann Ponnampalam PhD Co-founder
Jessica McCartney Managing Director - LearningWith deep experience in integrating behaviour change capability within organisations, Jes is laser-focused on maximising the impact that behaviour change capability brings organisations. She works at the intersection of education, technology, and marketing and is uniquely placed to bring behaviour change capability to businesses at scale.  
Jessica McCartney Managing Director - Learning
Winona Johnson Senior Behavioural ScientistWinona is an experienced behavioural scientist with a Masters from The University of Melbourne in Applied Psychology. She has facilitated impactful behaviour change across multiple industries. As a career consultant,  Winona helps her clients navigate the complexity of what is driving human behaviour and practically applies evidence-based behavioural science in a way that allows them to achieve measurable customer and commercial outcomes.
Winona Johnson Senior Behavioural Scientist

Explore our frequently asked questions

Who are Decision Design?

We are a global-leading team of specialists experts, using our unique capability to solve customer, commercial and social problems. 

We have pioneered the use of behavioural science in corporate environments proving that when you put how humans actually behave and make decisions at the heart of strategy, planning and execution, you rapidly increase your effectiveness. 

What is Behavioural Science?

Behavioural science is the science of behaviour change - the underlying, irrational and emotional ways that we humans make our decisions - hardwired over millions of years to ensure our safety and survival.

By understanding this, we can design our work to work with the grain of human behaviour, rather than against it, we can rapidly increase the effectiveness.

For more information: 

When does the course start?

This course is available on demand. You can move through it in your own time and at your own pace.

What is the time requirement?

The total content time is around 6 hours, and course sessions vary. We've used behavioural principles in design, working with the limits of working memory to improve retention, recall, and ability to action.

We recommend not completing the entire course at once but instead taking some time to practice each new tool. 

How will I access the course?

Once you purchase your seat to the course, you will be emailed a log-in to Decision Design's online platform.

All elements of your course will be undertaken within our platform.  

How much is the course, how do I book?

The Foundations of Customer Behaviour costs $895 + GST per person. You can apply via this website using 'book now' or 'secure my place'. Alternatively, you can contact  

If you have a group of 10 or more, please get in touch via or the 'ask us' button below. 

Will I get a certificate?

Absolutely, you'll be issued the certificate after you complete the course. 

Is there a corporate group price? If you have a group of 10 or more, contact us for corporate pricing and how we can adapt content specific to your organisation's needs.

Can you afford not to ​understand how ​your customers behave?


increase in effectiveness after undertaking Decision Design foundational training


of total Decision Design participants feel more empowered as a result of their training 


Decision Design training is proven to double effectiveness over two years of quantified results  


increase in effectiveness of total Decision Design behavioural science training against a target outcome

Corporate group training - enquire now

Behavioural Science-led Decision-Making

Much of what influences human decision-making processes happens without us consciously realising it. If we aren’t aware of – let alone able to manage – these unconscious factors, we’re ignoring a fundamental driver of our decision-making effectiveness and ultimately, performance. This training is crafted to empower your team, actively increasing their decision-making confidence and effectiveness immediately.