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Decision Critical Report 2024

Quality of Decision-Making in Corporate Australia
Find out how organisations like yours get a competitive advantage by accessing Decision Design's leading research on quality decision-making.

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How poor decision quality is hurting Australia’s bottom line

By failing to consider human behavioural factors in decision-making, Australian businesses are leaving 40% growth on the table.

We've conducted Australia’s first study of corporate decision quality and its impact on commercial outcomes. The results are stark: few people make good quality decisions, even the highest-performing leaders.

This is because decision-making errors (or behavioural factors) are not being addressed. Behavioural factors are the underlying, irrational and unconscious ways that humans make decisions – hardwired over millions of years to ensure our safety and survival.

In order to improve decision quality, these critical behavioural factors must be addressed. For many, this is a matter of survival. For others, it represents uncaptured growth - up to 10x on average.

Find out how you can create your competitive advantage by accessing our report.

The biggest flaw in decision-making is that we are human

Almost everybody agrees that decision quality in corporate Australia is hindering economic performance

recognised that even the smartest, most experienced decision-makers make bad decisions.
admitted that poor decisions have led to their organisation suffering negative commercial, customer and employee outcomes.
said decision quality is critical to their organisation’s success.
want their organisational leaders to do something about decision quality.

Decision quality underpins success or failure

Decision quality is everything

All organisations, from multinational corporates through to sole trades, function because of the decisions made by the individuals within them. Their success or failure hinges on the quality of those decisions.  

Decision quality is always fundamental

The quality of those decisions only becomes more critical during periods of turbulence and unprecedented change. Right now, businesses are grappling with many challenges and risks, many struggling to remain viable.  

The current approach to decision quality is failing

Businesses are failing because they are prioritising only three ‘rights’ in decision-making: 

  • Right information,  
  • Right people,  
  • Right time...

The biggest flaw in decision-making is being human

As humans, much of what influences our decision-making happens without us consciously realising it. These unconscious processes have been hardwired over millions of years. These 'behavioural factors' must be front and centre in decision-making. 

There are irrefutable benefits of better decision quality

The commercial potential of injecting behavioural factors into decision-making is enormous. The evidence shows that there is a 40% performance uplift potential or 10x average growth.

The best decision your business can make is to make better decisions

Organisations need specialised behaviour change capability with practical tools proven to enhance commercial decision-making, to create unique competitive advantage and ensure sustained growth.   

The vast majority (almost 9 in 10) believe decision quality would give their organisation a competitive advantage.

Decision Design is a specialist team of leading global commercial behavioural scientists. Genuine masters and PhD level scientists. 25+ years of commercial experience applying behavioural science solutions to grow ASX / Fortune 100 companies. 

The best decision businesses can make right now is to make better decisions.


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DD-Icon_ArrowUp-Pink Rapidly increase understanding of human behaviour
Rapidly increase understanding of human behaviour You will rapidly accelerate your understanding of behaviour change science: the science behind how humans - your customers and colleagues - actually behave and make decisions and how this is applied in a commercial setting. 
DD-Icon_Design-Pink Walk away with an impactful actionable toolkit
Walk away with an impactful actionable toolkit You will develop your skills to identify and interpret information with a behavioural lens. You will be armed with actionable tactics and tools to deploy behavioural interventions from strategy to execution - immediately.
DD-Icon_Audience-Pink For execs & future leaders looking to make an impact
For execs & future leaders looking to make an impact

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